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Governor's Ball: Mayor Weinstein Praises Governor
& Lists Top Ten Reasons Ketchikan Loves Murkowski


January 27, 2003
Monday 11:50 am

Ketchikan, Alaska: Presenting the welcoming address at the Governor's Ball Sunday evening, City of Ketchikan Mayor Bob Weinstein welcomed back to Ketchikan Governor

Frank Murkowski, First Lady Nancy Murkowski, Lt. Governor Loren Leman and his wife Carolyn congratulating them on their election and wished them well.

Weinstein thanked Frank Murkowski for his 22 years of service in the United States Senate. Weinstein said during that time, Frank Murkowski worked hard on behalf of all Alaskans and on behalf of this community in particular.

A couple of examples come to mind Weinstein said when he thinks how Frank Murkowski has worked together with this community. "When we were struggling over what seems to be endless years to maintain a healthy timber industry here in Southeast Alaska, Frank Murkowski worked together with us for the future of Ketchikan. Now that we are looking for new opportunities - projects like enhancing our shipyard, expanding our port and harbor capacity to help bolster tourism, redeveloping Ward Cove, protecting and enhancing our fishing industry, and - yes, once again, trying to maintain a timber supply, Frank Murkowski is again working together with this community so that our families can have a brighter future," Weinstein said.

Second, in the area of transportation Weinstein remarked, "Frank Murkowski is working together with the community to build a bridge to Gravina Island to enhance economic diversification and growth, and has already taken steps designed to improve the Alaska Marine Highway System." Weinstein added in jest that he hears Governor Murkowski may be moving the headquarters of the Alaska Marine Highway System to Ketchikan.

After thanking the Governor for his commitment to Alaska and its citizens, Mayor Weinstein then said, "with apologies to David Letterman, and hopefully no one else, I've come up with a list of the top ten reasons Ketchikan loves Governor Murkowski.

Number 10: He knows that Southeast is part of Alaska.
Number 9: He's been a strong supporter of education since his Kayhi days - and wishes he could still qualify for the basketball team.
Number 8: He loves Alaska's wilderness - and knows that we have enough of it.
Number 7: He waited until the Super Bowl was over before starting this event.
Number 6: He's man enough to admit he bet on the Oakland Raiders - the only losing team he seems to be around these days.
Number 5: He's hired Arnold Schwarzenegger to be in charge of homeland security for the State.
Number 4: He knows that Ketchikan likes a good party - so he made sure that inaugural festivities don't include a breathalyzer test.
Number 3: During his State of the State Address last week, he was bold enough to use the T word - timber - in the same sentence as the F word - fish.
Number 2: He's one of two people in this room with the unlisted home number of Alaska's US Senator - junior senator, that is.
1: And the number one reason Ketchikan loves Governor Murkowski: Nancy!"



Photos by Rick Grams for Sitnews




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