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Photo Essay

NY Musicians Treat Schoenbar Students To Great American Jazz
Ketchikan, Alaska
Photo Essay by Chris Wilhelm


January 23, 2003
Thursday - 12:30 am


Professional musicians Paul Meyers, guitarist, and Bob Kindred, sax player, visiting from New York City did a 45-minute pump this week with the Schoenbar 7th & 8th graders.

Paul Meyers, guitarist, and Bob Kindred, sax player

Meyers and Kindred warmed the kids up on music in general, their occupations as professional musicians, and of course, then they played some really great jazz. They discussed and demonstrated American Jazz from the early 20th century, improvised on some familiar melodies to demonstrate improvisation, and related playing music in terms that the class picked up on and appeared to enjoy.

Schoenbar 8th graders

With humor and skillful talent Meyers and Kindred held the class' attention.Who knew the eighth grade could be so interesting?

Paul, Bob, and their group will be giving two concerts, including some local talent, this Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $15. Contact First City Players for more information @ 225-4792.



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