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KIC Installs New Tribal Council Members & President


January 28, 2003
Tuesday - 12:45 am

Members of the Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC) gathered together Monday evening to celebrate the installation of the newly elected Tribal Council Members and President-elect Stephanie Rainwater-Sande.

The special meeting was held for the purpose of validating the January 20, 2003, annual election results and to administer the oath of office to the newly elected Tribal Council Members.

The meeting was called to order by out-going President Charles White, roll call was taken and a quorum was established. Tribal Council Member Susan Pickrell led the assembly in prayer.

Out-going President Charlie White displays his gift while President-elect
Stephanie Rainwater-Sande thanks him for work well done.
Photo by Rick Grams

The Council was presented with the annual election results and a motion was made and seconded to accept the election results with all Tribal Council Members voting in favor.

Following the vote, Charles White introduced Ketchikan Indian Community's new General Manager, James Horton, who then administered the oath of office to President-elect Stephanie Rainwater-Sande.

After taking her oath of office Rainwater-Sande thanked Charles White for his service to KIC, both on the Council and for his service as General Manager of KIC. Rainwater-Sande presented White with a gift of appreciation from the Tribal Council, KIC employees and the membership in honor of his service.

Rainwater-Sande spoke about the need for unity and said that she would be working with Horton and White to insure a smooth transition. She expressed that the Tribal Council meetings are for the membership and the meetings would be open to all members saying the Tribal Council was there to serve the membership.

Newly elected council members John Brown, Sam Bergeron, David Jensen (re-elected) and Elmer Makua take their "Oath of Office".
Standing behind the podium is James Horton, KIC General Manager.
Photo by Rick Grams

KIC General Manager James Horton administered the oath of office to the newly elected Tribal Council members Elmer Makua, John Brown, Sam Bergeron and returning Council member, David Jensen.

David Jensen presented retiring Council member Merle Nancy Hawkins a beautiful halibut hook carved by John Otness as a gift of appreciation for her service. Jensen thanked Hawkins for her dedicated service and hard work on the Tribal Council.

Sam Bergeron presented former Council member Rob Sanderson with a carved halibut hook as a gift of appreciation and acknowledged Sanderson's service to the Ketchikan Indian Community.

Letters of appreciation from the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 14 were given to all the Tribal Council candidates thanking them for their interest in serving on the Council and for their commitment to the Ketchikan Indian Community.

Refreshments of cake and punch were served after the ceremony.



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