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ANB - ANS Install New Officers


December 04, 2002
Wednesday - 7:00 pm

On Friday evening, November 22, 2002, the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Ketchikan Camp #14 and Saxman Camp #15 installed the new officers for 2002-2003 during a special program held at the Alaska Discovery Center.

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was William (Bill) Thomas.

The newly installed officers are:

Bill Thomas


Saxman ANB- ANS Camp #15

2002 Officers

Chuck Denny - President

Tom Abbott - Vice-President

Albert Ketah - Secretary/Treasurer

Matthew Dewitt - Sergeant-at-Arms

Betty Ketah - Sergeant-at-Arms

 2002-2003 Officers

Sara Abbott - President

Laverne John - Vice-President

Mae Denny - Secretary

Nora Dewitt - Treasurer

Yvonne Watson - Sergeant-at-Arms

Irene Dundas - Sergeant-at-Arms

Elizabeth Denny - Camp Mother


Ketchikan ANB- ANS Camp #14

2002 Officers

Linda Blankenship - President

James Llanos, Jr. - Vice-President

Jerry Ingersoll - Secretary/Treasurer

James Stanley - Sergeant-at-Arms

Merle Hawkins - President

- Vice-President

Cynthia Llanos - Secretary/Treasurer

Delma Edenso - Sergeant-at-Arms

Mary Jones

 2002-2003 Officers


Willard Jackson - President

Willard Jones - Vice-President

James Stanley - Secretary

James Llanos - Treasurer

Nathan Jackson - Sergeant-at-Arms


Merle Hawkins - President

Cecelia Johnson - Vice-President

Mary Jones - Secretary

Cynthia Llanos - Treasurer

Betty Alvarado - Sergeant-at-Arms

Carrie James - Sergeant-at-Arms

Esther Shea - Camp Mother

Erma Lawrence - Camp Chaplain

Nathan Jackson Camp Chaplain

Willard Jackson - Camp Chaplain


Willard Jackson with Merle Hawkins;
Willard Jones with Cecelia Johnson; James Stanley...


Cecelia Johnson; Willard Jones; James Stanley;
James Llanos Sr.; Cynthia Llanos...


Photos by Dick Kauffman



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