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Warning Signals
By Michael Reagan


October 16, 2003
Thursday - 12:45 am

Mr. David Broder is upset. He doesn't approve of what we Californians just did to his beloved Gray Davis. He is, as a matter of fact, outraged that we had the gall to recall one of his fellow liberals. We had no right to do such a thing, he suggests.

In his post recall election column he began by writing "Now that the miserable recall experience is over," revealing exactly how he feels about the people exercising their constitutional rights. As Pat Buchanan has observed the very liberal Mr. Broder "speaks for an elite that denounced the recall as a 'circus' and 'chaos.' He does not speak for the people. "

The people loved it yet Broder dismisses it all as a "misguided effort."

He wasn't alone in misjudging what happened here in California on Tuesday, October 7. The always wrong - Terry McAuliffe, who could find a ray of false sunshine in a 50 state dismantling of his Democrat party, tells us that what happened here in California does not bode well for George Bush because we threw the bums out - we were throwing out incumbents and so the thing was bad news for incumbents and George Bush ought to watch out.

Somebody ought to watch out, and it's not President Bush. It is, instead, every governor and every legislator across the country that thwarts the will of their voters had better watch their backs.

The people of California took this election very seriously while everybody else was laughing at the state including Broder and George Will and others in the media who really didn't understand what we were going through and what we were facing. And what, unfortunately we are still facing until this governor steps down because he is now signing everything that comes to his desk, including more of the laws that have driven scores of businesses from the state and costs thousands of jobs that left with them.

It will be very hard for Governor Schwarzenegger to undo any of the mischief being done by Davis who despite his pledge to help the new governor is busy making it tougher on him instead of making it easier on him to fix this state's terrible problems.

What Broder was saying to the people of California is that you really have no right to have the recall. The fact that California's constitution provides for recall doesn't matter to him or his liberal colleagues because the constitution doesn't matter to them. And, by the way, they didn't yell and scream when they tried twice to recall my father when he was governor. Broder and his friends never wrote any columns condemning those recall attempts. That was fine with them. It only becomes an outage when it is used against their favorite liberals.

They just can't accept the fact that recalls were tried 31 times in California over the past 93 years and this is the only time it worked and it worked because the people of California had had it up to their armpits with Gray Davis and his cronies.

Had this recall been against Pete Wilson or any other Republican, every one of those writers who were screaming about the tragedy of it all with the Davis recall would be hailing it and saying what a wonderful thing was being done to throw the Republican rascals out.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

What really upsets them is the danger now faced by other politicians across America who treat the people's wishes with contempt. Alabama's Republican Governor Bob Riley already learned a harsh lesson when voters overwhelmingly turned down his plan to raise taxes by a whopping $1.2 billion -- a controversial proposal that has made him a heretic in his own party.

"Clearly the angry voter is back," said pollster John Zogby. "Nationwide, there is a percolating anxiety and anger."

It's good that California showed leadership - what we did sends a message to other governors that when you go back on you word, when you lie to the public as Gray Davis and his cohorts lied to us you'd better beware. The message: watch your step, you could be next.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network.

©2003 Mike Reagan.
Mike's column is distributed to subscribers for publication by: Cagle Cartoons, Inc.


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