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Democrats Misdirecting Outrage
By Michael Reagan


May 14, 2004

Liberal Democrats (are there any other kind?) are venting their anger at a small handful of Army reservists implicated in the abuse of prisoners in an infamous Baghdad prison, hoping that they can somehow pin the blame on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his boss,

photo - Michael Reagan
President Bush.

Some of the venom being spewed by these opportunists who exploit every chance to attack the President is as outrageous as the very abuse they are condemning, for example the disgusting comments of Senator Teddy Kennedy who put the prisoner abuse scandal, which involved the humiliating of the detainees on the same level as the torture, rape and murder of Saddam's tens of thousands of victims. Said the hero of Chappaquiddick, "Shamefully we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management," he shouted on the floor of the Senate.

As P. David Hornik wrote in Wednesday's American Spectator, " Abu Ghraib is all the rage. It's a wild circus, 24/7, the images from the prison as sordid and obscene as the faces of the leftist moralists are righteous and haughty. It's been claimed that liberals can't cope with the reality of evil, hence deny the necessity to fight it. But the existence of evil isn't really liberals' problem; it's that they see it in the wrong places. Whether it was Vietnam, the Cold War, or now the War on Terror, liberals always shine the spotlight on alleged sins of U.S. presidents or the U.S. military. The names Nixon, Reagan, and Bush are actually talismans of evil for them, but not the savage regimes and movements that they fight."

They haven't even held their fire about abu Ghraib in the face of the beheading of Nick Berg, which of course is just another example of the kind of evil we are combating in the war against terrorism they can't seem to recognize.

Instead of recognizing that this horrendous atrocity is a key weapon in the terrorist's arsenal that should alert every American to the fact that this is a genuine war, the Democrats prefer us to believe that it is merely a retaliation for the abuse of Muslims at Abu Ghraib ­ merely a case of tit for tat. Liberals simply cannot distinguish between bad behavior and evil because they don't believe that there is any such thing as evil.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard had a quick reply to what President Eisenhower once called "rot gut thinking:" "This kind of depraved behavior by terrorists has been going on for years," he said on Australia's channel nine television the other day.

Nick Berg's horrendous execution shows us exactly who and what these people are. His death reminds why we are at war. What's happening in America is what I feared would happen as we got further and further away from 9/11 - the more and more there would be opposition to what the President is doing to protect the United States and make the world a safer place to live. And that's exactly what has happened. The terrible nature of Nick Berg's death reverses that trend and should fill us with a renewed resolve to fight this war against terrorism to the bitter end.

But look at the Democrats, who are proclaiming their outrage about the prisoner abuse scandal; they are basically the same people who were outraged that we went to war against Saddam Hussein's brutal regime in the first place. This is just another way of trying to cripple the President's war efforts.

What we see happening here is the same old Democrat tactic of putting their political fortunes above the welfare of the people of the United States. If their constant carping about Abu Ghraib damages the war effort and our fight to bring peace and stability to the Middle East that's simply too bad. They want us to fail as long as President Bush is in charge, just as they are hoping against hope that the economy will go into a tailspin between now and election day. If that hurts their fellow Americans, tough luck. Winning elections is all that counts.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network.

©2004 Mike Reagan.
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