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War Against Whom?
By Michael Reagan


April 30, 2004

Since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, over 43 million babies have lost their lives to abortion. That's equivalent to the entire population in 17 states within the United States.

Last Sunday, hordes of pro-abortion fanatics celebrated those deaths during the misnamed March for Women's Lives in Washington. According to eyewitness accounts they behaved like the barbarians they are. It was not for women's lives they were marching, but simply to

photo - Michael Reagan
safeguard their rights to kill the unborn in massive numbers.

"Organizers of this deceptively-named demonstration are not interested in protecting women," said Denise M. Burke, staff counsel with Americans United for Life (AUL). "Rather, in an election year, they are using misinformation and scare tactics in an attempt to advance their radical, political agenda at the expense of women's health.

"They callously equate simple access to abortion with 'women's health' and are unconcerned about ensuring that the actual practice of abortion is safe for women," Burke said. "In several states, the abortion lobby opposes safety and health regulations on their clinics--leaving abortions to be performed with less state regulation than is in place for veterinarian clinics."

Added her colleague Dorinda C. Bordlee, "If the abortion industry honestly cared about women's health and well-being, they would support state legislation that informs women of the proven risks of abortion and that ensures that abortion clinics are following accepted medical standards. Instead, they vigorously oppose any legislation that they see as a threat including legislation designed to protect the health and safety of women."

So much for women's lives. After all, if it's women's lives that are at stake, why is it that they aren't dying and the babies are?

They call the pro-life movement a war against women, when the truth is it's a pro-abortion war against the sanctity of human life.

I've run my own personal survey which you'll never see on CBS, ABC, NBC or CNN. I am an adoptee and I wondered if all the other adoptees feel as I do - grateful that my natural parents chose to give me life instead of killing me in my mother's womb.

So I asked my fellow adoptees if they share my joy in having been allowed to live and so far 100 percent of the adoptees I have talked to have said something like "What, are you crazy? I'm very happy to be alive. I would have never wanted to be aborted."

But when you look at that sorry group that showed up on Sunday ­ "Christian Dykes for Choice", "Bisexual Breeders for Choice", and all these other outrageous organizations you realize just how bizarre the whole assemblage was.

Roe v. Wade may not be overturned in my lifetime, but I predict when it is it will be because of an MRI. Recent experiments using MRIs to show how people react to such things as images of 9/11, for example, showed that the brains of the Democrats reacted differently from the brains of Republicans.

Think about that in the light of scientific testing to determine if there is a gene that causes someone to be homosexual. If we found such a gene, could we not also use MRIs to find a gene that causes someone to be liberal. Would that not tempt some parents to want to abort a baby carrying the homosexual or liberal gene? Then and only then would the pro-abortionists want to overturn Roe v. Wade because it wouldn't be merely the unborn who are endangered by abortion, but unborn liberals or homosexuals.

"If Roe v. Wade were overturned tomorrow, it would not mean an automatic end to abortion," said Dorinda Bordlee. "In that scenario, the issue of when and under what circumstances abortion would be allowed would be returned to the 50 states where the representatives of the people, not unelected judges, would decide whether a woman deserves to know all the medical risks before undergoing an abortion, whether minors should involve their parents in their decisions, and whether inhumane procedures such as partial-birth abortion should be banned."

"This is exactly the scenario that pro-abortion groups fear," her colleague Denise Burke added "They do not want to give the people, including women, a true choice or a voice in this debate. Rather, they want to dictate policy and are willing to engage in deception and political gamesmanship to advance their radical agenda."


Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network.

©2004 Mike Reagan.
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