Customer Service
By Heather Montero


September 26, 2009
Saturday AM

I have just read the letters about customer service at Walmart. I lost a necklace there and when I asked if anyone has turned it in, I got an immediate NO. She didn't even bother to look in the box under the counter or go in the back room and take a peek. So unless she already looked for my necklace and knew it wasn't in there before I got there she really didn't care and she made that very clear to me.

The other thing is that my friend applied there and was told no because of a criminal record from several years prior. My friend has excellent customer service skills and paid her time for her crime. I understand that Walmart has to look out for their best interest and all and they probably don't want to hire anyone with a PAST, but really, I would rather have a polite person help me with a criminal history then have someone help me with that attitude like they hate you for walking into their line.

We are limited for shopping in this town but I would rather pay shipping costs from shopping online than have someone be rude to myself my family or my friends.

Heather Montero
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I have lived in Ketchikan off and on since 93'. I have been a waitress for 5 years."

Received September , 2009 - Published September 26, 2009


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